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Cat Mini Set

Cat Mini Set

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Our Cat Mini Set comes with 2x Probiotic Pet Solution 60ml for cats and 1x Mini Kombucha Shampoo Bar 45g.

Our Probiotic Pet Solution for cats is essentially a 3-in-1 conditioner, deodorizer and ear cleaner.

Made with kombucha tea and essential oils, Deria Probiotic Pet Solution is used as a conditioner that moisturizes skin and softens fur coat. After rinsing off shampoo, towel dry and apply Deria Probiotic Pet Solution all over body, massage and blow dry. Can also be used as an ear cleaner for pets. Safe and gentle on all skin types. 

Our Kombucha Deep Cleansing Shampoo Bar thoroughly cleans pet's skin and fur, making it ideal for your pet's weekly bath. The combination of natural oils and kombucha tea makes it moisturizing on the skin and fur, leaving pet's skin soft and their fur fluffy. It is unscented with no fragrance so it's perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. 

There are two scents of Probiotic Pet Solution for cats. 

1) Kitty Katniss (Lavender + Rose Geranium*) has a sweet floral aroma. It protects the skin with its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Kitty is soothing and deodorizing too. Suitable for all skin types.

2) Precious Prim (Chamomile + Clary Sage*) has herbal calming aroma. Its calming and cooling properties make Precious Prim ideal for sensitive skin. It is anti-inflammatory as it soothes skin irritation. Suitable for all skin types especially dry skin.

*The essential oils we use in our cat range are diluted to a safe ratio for cat use. 

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