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20 Mar Why Shampoo Bars Are Great And Not A Hassle
deriaskin 99 2272
"Isn't it a hassle to use shampoo bars?" That's the first thing that comes to mind when asked to switch from liquid shampoo to solid soap. Yes, it is common to think it that way since liquid shampoo is easy to dispense and apply. And shampoo foams up so easily too so it's no wonder people prefer liq..
19 Mar The Wonders of Essential Oils
deriaskin 1 4866
After all that rave about kombucha tea, the one thing that puts us off is the smell of kombucha. It has a sourish smell resembling vinegar and the longer it is left to ferment, the more tart and acidic it smells. It is fine as a drink as some of us are okay with the taste but most of us do not like ..
18 Mar Why We Use Kombucha Tea
deriaskin 2 2804
We are pretty sure that many of you must have heard the word 'kombucha tea' from someone or somewhere. Some of you may still not know exactly what this tea is and why it is gaining popularity as a health drink. Well, because we at Deria have fallen head over heels for kombucha tea and its amazing be..
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