We are pretty sure that many of you must have heard the word 'kombucha tea' from someone or somewhere. Some of you may still not know exactly what this tea is and why it is gaining popularity as a health drink. Well, because we at Deria have fallen head over heels for kombucha tea and its amazing benefits on us and our furkids, we know we have to share it with as many people as we could reach out=)

So what exactly is kombucha tea? 

To simply explain it, kombucha tea is a fermented black/green tea that is produced using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (a.k.a SCOBY). It is made with very simple ingredients which are sugar (ours is brown), tea (ours is green tea), bacteria and yeast. When these ingredients are left to ferment, the bacteria and yeast feed on the sugar and convert sugar into traces of alcohol, acids and gases. The end product is a fizzy, tangy drink that is rich in probiotics (good gut bacteria) and healthy acids or what we call the kombucha tea.

People are drinking kombucha tea for its various benefits. Let's list out some of them here.

1) Kombucha tea is a natural source of probiotics which are healthy gut bacteria that help with digestion and inflammation.

2) Kombucha made with green tea contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals that are harmful to our cells.

3) Kombucha tea is antibacterial, enabling it to kill harmful microorganisms in the body.

Now, moving on to what makes kombucha tea a hype in skin care. 

1) Probiotics in kombucha tea strengthen skin immunity, promoting skin healing.

2) Kombucha tea is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, protecting the skin against bad bacteria and inflammation.

3) Kombucha tea is also rich in B-vitamins that boost skin hydration and promote healthy skin. 

Kombucha tea is rich in probiotics, organic acids and B-vitamins. It can be consumed orally as a health drink or used topically in skin care. Its various benefits make the kombucha tea the elixir of life. 

After knowing so much about kombucha tea and its wonderful properties, we cannot help but exploring more about it in pet skin care. We all love our pets and want the best for them. There are countless pet grooming products out in the market but do they actually work to care for their delicate skin? That is the question we all should ask before buying any grooming products. Yes, we want them to be clean and smell fresh but we should also make sure the product protects the skin in the long run. 

Using kombucha tea in our pet skin care products is our answer to healthy skin and fur coat. It is


ANTIBACTERIAL and works wonders at

HYDRATING the skin and fur.

We hope this article help shed some light on the wonders of kombucha tea and answer your questions about how it works in our pet skin care products;)