"Isn't it a hassle to use shampoo bars?"

That's the first thing that comes to mind when asked to switch from liquid shampoo to solid soap. Yes, it is common to think it that way since liquid shampoo is easy to dispense and apply. And shampoo foams up so easily too so it's no wonder people prefer liquid shampoo over shampoo bars. 

However, as much as we like the convenience of liquid shampoos, they are not as mild as handcrafted shampoo bars. Shampoo bars that are made with natural oils are very gentle on the skin and they do not strip off the body's natural oils as they cleanse. In other words, shampoo bars cleanse without drying the skin, leaving the skin soft and their fur fluffy.

Our kombucha shampoo bars are deep cleansing and yet moisturizing on the skin and fur. We made it unscented so they are really suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Fragrance in shampoos can be harsh on the skin and cause avoidable irritation. Many would think undesirably of unscented soaps because they will not make our pets smell pleasant. Nonetheless, unscented soaps are surprisingly effective at removing body odor. Well in fact, they work even better than strongly scented shampoos that only mask the odor. What makes our shampoo bars even more desirable is that we make them bubbly yet creamy so they lather up easily. It is really easy to apply the foam all over their body and give them a good scrub. 

Shampoo bars are as convenient as liquid shampoos when used in a soap pouch at it helps the soap lather well. The best part is shampoo bars are moisturizing on the skin and fur as they are free from harsh chemicals used in commercial shampoos. 

In summary, shampoo bars are not a hassle at all. In fact, once you use them, you will love how moisturizing they are on your pet's skin and even yours as they cleanse. Solid soaps are also longer lasting when stored properly. We recommend using them in soap pouch and hang dry once done. Solids soaps have existed way before liquid soaps and the trend of using them is coming back as people are realizing how good they are=)