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Deria Mini Set

The Deria Mini Set comes with 3x Probiotic Pet Solution 60ml and 1x Mini Kombucha Shampoo Bar 45g. 

Below are the THREE scents of Probiotic Pet Solution 60ml included:

- Dashing Dewey (Essential oils: Patchouli + Vetiver)

- Pampered Peanut (Essential oils: Bergamot + Grapefruit)

- Magnificent Mia (Essential oils: Lavender + Rose Geranium)

Now, you can get 3 different scents of our Probiotic Pet Solution and our Kombucha Shampoo Bar all in ONE box! 

- Perfect as a gift

- For first-time users

- For those who cannot decide on a scent

- Travel handy

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