After all that rave about kombucha tea, the one thing that puts us off is the smell of kombucha. It has a sourish smell resembling vinegar and the longer it is left to ferment, the more tart and acidic it smells. It is fine as a drink as some of us are okay with the taste but most of us do not like that sourish, vinegary smell when applied topically. 

Thankfully, we have nature's aromatic oils extracted from plants, also known as essential oils! These oils do not only smell good, they also have therapeutic properties. The best part is when we add these essential oil blends into kombucha tea, the benefits of the concoction are enhanced. 

Essential oils are safe to use when diluted in the right ratios. The essential oils we use in our products are safe to use on pets and in little amount, they are sufficient to bring out the efficacy of each essential oil to benefit ourselves and our pets.

There have been concerns about the danger of using essential oils on pets but just like how we use them on ourselves, essential oils have to be properly diluted to be safe to use. So fret not, as the essential oils we use in our products are pet friendly and safely diluted. Each essential oil selected has its own benefits and they all function to maintain a healthy skin and fur coat for our furry kids. 

And just like us, our pets may also have an allergy to certain essential oils or they may not at all. When it comes to allergies, it varies among individuals and we only know once we try using it. In general, when there is no allergies, essential oils when used the right way, are beneficial to us and our pets. We have seen many pets' skin condition improve after using our products. Their skin begins to stay hydrated and thus strengthened. When the skin immunity is enhanced, their skin heals and is able to fight against infection. That is the whole idea of the importance of using natural ingredients in skin care.  

Here's the list of essential oils we use and their benefits:

Frankincense - Promotes skin healing, Stimulates new cells to grow

Sandalwood - Heals inflammation, Soothing

Patchouli - Soothing inflammation, Deodorizing, Promotes skin healing

Vetiver - Deeply hydrating, Strengthens skin immunity

Bergamot - Purifying, Antibacterial, Balances sebum levels

Grapefruit - High in antioxidant, Boosts skin immunity

Chamomile - Calming, Soothes irritation

Clary sage - Relaxing, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory

Lavender - Calming, Soothing, High in antioxidant

Rose Geranium - Deodorizing, Anti-inflammatory, Calming

We hope the article help you understand our products better and give you insights on how to choose the right skin care for your pets. Thanks for reading!